Hair Furniture


For more than 75 years Maletti is a leader in beauty-design. The spirit of research of the company is the difficult synthesis between technology and design, of ergonomics and pleasure.

Creative and industrial strategy of Maletti has addressed skillfully made use of partnerships with the most prestigious designers in the world. For Primo, and in many ways still unique in the industry landscape of the furnishings for hairdressers, Maletti has chosen to present itself to the market as a valuable “container” of styles, ideas and above all design. A leading brand, the historic Italian brand in the market of furniture for hairdressers, whose brand identity is characterized precisely by marrying the creativity of internationally renowned designers and innovation both in style and in the product. Today Maletti exports 70% of its sales in 101 countries around the world through an extensive network of distributors.


Takara Belmont was founded in 1921. They are widely manufacturing and selling not only barber chairs & styling chairs but have advanced into hair shampoo equipment, processors and more.

Products developed for ease of use and for comfort, for the stylist and for the client. Satisfying both is the true measure of value.