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ExclusivelySpa joins forces with Kurland Haslauer

A synergy of spa development and operational expertise


Limassol, 13 October 2016

ExclusivelySpa™, an international spa & wellness consulting and management company, is proud to announce its cooperation with the brand Kurland from Haslauer GmbH. http://www.haslauer.info/en.html

ExclusivelySpa is now an official distributor of Kurland in Cyprus, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Norway and Sweden.

The new partnership enhances ExclusivelySpa’s service portfolio even further, by combining the company’s specialized expertise with Kurland’s spa development capabilities and resources.

Kurland has been a pioneering leader in the field for over 50 years. The company guides and supports the industry by providing unique and ground-breaking facilities, systems and equipment (e.g. Salve-In-Terra, Stone Bath, Permanent Contour Device), as well as innovative wellness concepts and designs. Kurland’s facilities and equipment are supported by unique natural products based on herbs, medicinal plants and flowers, fruits, moorland muds, pure oils, goat butter, salts and marine algae, as well as signature treatments. Furthermore, Kurland has a track record of designing and building spas that blend with their surroundings. CEO & Owner of Haslauer Esa Ranta says: “Striking wellness concepts are our forte!

As such, ExclusivelySpa and Kurland share the same design philosophy, as both companies believe that a successful spa is one which is inspired by its own unique environment, its location, local history, architecture, natural surroundings – and its client profile. Embedding all these aspects in a unique concept will result in an in-house spa that will make a hotel a preferred choice among discerning travelers.

To ensure that all equipment, treatments and products are properly employed, Kurland and ExclusivelySpa provide spa clients with the necessary training for consistent performance and complete customer satisfaction.

By joining forces with Kurland, ExclusivelySpa is reinforcing its mission to help hotels upgrade their facilities and improve their business performance by tapping into the growing wellness market. In cooperation with Kurland, ExclusivelySpa can create tailor-made facilities supported by bespoke products to offer spa visitors an exceptional, personalized experience that combines health and beauty, and addresses both the mind and the body.

Founder & Managing Director Chris Anastassiou says: “ExclusivelySpa and Kurland share a set of common values: industry expertise, uncompromising quality standards, respect for our clients, and above all an understanding of what today’s spa visitors expect and appreciate. Together we can create amazing new spas, upgrade existing facilities, and penetrate new markets – ultimately for the benefit of demanding hotel guests and consumers.”


ExclusivelySpa™ is an international spa & wellness consulting and management company that specializes in the design, implementation and operation of exclusive spas & wellness centres in luxury hotels and resorts.

The company was established by industry professionals with decades of experience in the 5-star hotel and spa industry. It serves its clients by creating “a spa with a soul” that is inspired by its own unique environment and delivers a healthy return on the investment.

To date, the ExclusivelySpa team has successfully completed projects from consultancy services, design, supply of equipment, training to complete spa creation & implementation, management & operation in Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Egypt, Armenia, and Croatia, and is rapidly expanding to penetrate other markets in the wider region of Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and Middle East & Africa.


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