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ExclusivelySpa implements its strategy for success

Limassol, 29 September 2016

ExclusivelySpa™, an international spa & wellness consulting and management company, specializes in the design, implementation and operation of exclusive spas & wellness centres in luxury hotels and resorts. Since the company’s re-branding under the new name of ExclusivelySpa™, it has demonstrated its strengths in very tangible terms, with a series of successfully completed projects and operations in Serbia, Greece and Cyprus.

Established by industry professionals with decades of experience in the 5-star hotel and spa industry, ExclusivelySpa’s philosophy centres around creating “a spa with a soul” that is inspired by its own unique environment. At the same time, this philosophy has to make business sense: each spa has to be integrated seamlessly into the hotel’s operation, and its profit-generating capability must ensure a healthy return on the investment.

As no two spa businesses are the same, ExclusivelySpa™ starts by helping the client set objectives, then analyzes the market and the profile of hotel guests and prospective local spa clients, and establishes the revenue generation potential of the spa. The spa concept and facilities are then designed accordingly to ensure that the capital investment is in line with the profit generating capabilities of the spa and will deliver the expected return on the investment. Treatments, services, price structure and marketing strategy are developed to achieve maximum use of the facilities by the hotel guests and are coupled with staff training and standards to ensure that customers leaving the spa are thrilled with their experience. This is the key to achieving maximum market penetration.

The company’s latest achievements include Limegrove Fitness & Spa at Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia, an example of a large wellness center that combines spa, fitness, gym, exercise classes, personal training, swimming and much more. After taking over its operation, ExclusivelySpa™ overcame various challenges in a price sensitive market. Today, Limegrove receives excellent reviews and has achieved consecutive Best Spa Awards as well as high profitability.


Canaves Oia Spa in Santorini, Greece, is a prime example of how ExclusivelySpa™ transforms the most challenging spaces into beautiful spas with a soul, based on design, ambience and unique character, while customers’ testimonials rate the experience as exceptionally inspiring.

Canaves Oia Cave Spa

Aura Spa at Crystal Springs Beach Hotel in Protaras, Cyprus, proves that a 4-star hotel can also offer its guests an attractive high-standard spa. In this case, ExclusivelySpa™ designed, project managed and built a viable spa that can provide impeccable service and achieves the best possible results with the limited capital expenditure.


Founder & Managing Director Chris Anastassiou says: “We can create and formulate the spa vision and hand it over to our client, or implement it and operate it, long-term. We are fully familiar and aligned with the standards of SLH Hotels and Starwood standards, which we implement at Canaves Oia and the Metropol Palace Hotel, Belgrade, respectively. Whatever the project, our goal is to guide our clients towards a customized formula for sustainable success.”