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Ski Resort Spa Treatments

Ski resorts are becoming more and more competitive, aiming to differentiate themselves via additional services that can lure the world’s most sophisticated clientele. Couples, families and groups of friends choose to spend some days in the slopes usually between January and March. In the best ski resorts, the spa plays a pivotal role whether it services tired skiers or keeps their non-skiing partners and friends occupied.

Recently however, more and more ski resort spas have looked into adding specific treatments that can address directly the skier’s needs and even help to enhance performance. For instance as Dr.Pein advise sin Daily Telegraph this week “ Spa treatments can be helpful here, right from the start. Take a pre-ski massage, for instance. A great way to begin your holiday, it draws a line under your working week and a tiring journey, improves circulation and increases muscle and tendon elasticity – all of which reduce the chance of injury on the slopes. Likewise, a post-ski massage improves circulation, helps to break down the build-up of lactic acid that can occur when muscles have worked hard, and reduces the onset of muscle soreness. Ideally, after a day’s skiing, you should soothe your muscles with a steam, followed by a deep-tissue massage”.

Brands are quick to follow. The French brand Anne Semonin verifies that one of its best selling body treatment in mountain spas is the Anti-fatigue Back remedy based on a special mud that relieves stress from the back muscles and comforts after vigorous exercise. Experts in Wellness like Kurland, take into account the skier’s demands for effective thermal areas that go beyond the classic saunas to help the body recuperate and feel energized even after competitive skiing.

Facial regimes in ski spa resorts place extra focus on hydration, nourishment and deep moisturizing treatments. The exposure to the cold and the sun rays harms the skin and calls for immediate relief.

Cocooning is also high in demand. After the exhaustion of the day, guests long for the relaxing sensation of a moisturizing wrap under warm blankets or  a hot stone massage. Relaxation rooms create a visual contrast of hot and cold by allowing the guest to enjoy views to the snowy peaks while being wrapped in luxury linen with a hot tea. Some spas take it even further by offering to their guests the chance to enjoy rare cognacs and eaux-de-vie after completing their treatments.

Ski resort spas take advantage of the long tradition of healing in the mountains to offer even medical solutions. Alpina Dolomites Gardena Health Lodge and Spa, South Tyrol has a medical center that offers a bespoke health program that can be continued at home.

There is something magical in a ski resort, whether it is the cozy interior or the attraction of the slopes. Ski hotels ensure their spas offer the same magic that will guarantee the return of a loyal clientele in the following winters.