The Key to a Successful Spa


If your hotel does not have a spa or your existing spa needs renovation:

Now is the time to consider adding value to your product by creating one or upgrading your existing spa! ExclusivelySpa has the know-how and experience to analyse your property, its environment and your target market, in order to propose a concept spa that fits like a glove and is built on the foundations of success.

If your hotel has a spa that is not performing as expected:

ExclusivelySpa offers you the expertise of specialist consultants in the wellness market who can assess your current facility, audit its operation, identify any problems – and solve them. You can then choose to put the management and operation of your spa in the hands of our experts, thereby releasing valuable management time and resources which can be channeled into the development of the hotel.


From Concept to Operation

With expertise in every aspect of wellness, the ExclusivelySpa Team will ensure that your spa has the following qualities:

  • Spa concept that perfectly matches the profile of the hotel guests;
  • Optimal capacity, facilities & services for the specific hotel;
  • Investment that is consistent with the spa’s profit-generating capabilities;
  • Distinctive design that also meets all operational requirements;
  • Spa concept & services that resonate with the expectations of discerning guests;
  • Memorable spa experience of consistently exceptional standards;
  • Seamless integration of the spa into the hotel operation;
  • Full utilisation of all marketing opportunities within the hotel.


Tailored recommendations for your Spa

We source equipment, facilities & furniture that best align with your spa design, operational needs, space availability and budget.

Visit our dedicated online shop to explore our catalogue of premium spa equipment & facilities. Cooperating with leading brands in the wellness industry we supply both classic and contemporary solutions as well as unique spa installations aimed to make your spa stand out from the crowd.

Our collection of unique facilities include thermal saunas, steam rooms, relaxation rooms & furniture such as treatment tables and deck chairs. We also feature signature skin care treatments and products tailored to compliment your specific spa design.



Case Studies

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”

Vince Lombardi

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