Phase III

Management & Operation

“I can’t control the wind, but I can adjust the sail.”

Ricky Skaggs

Sustaining the momentum

Quite often, even after an impressive opening of a magical spa, sustaining the initial momentum is the main challenge. Having an expert spa management team is of paramount importance, in order to ensure commercial success, profitability and return on your investment based on consistently high standards, a systematic business approach and on-going development. This is where ExclusivelySpa’s operational management expertise comes into play and makes all the difference.

Our marketing strategies are tailored to a hotel environment and have proven successful time and again. Client testimonials confirm that our spas achieve high profitability and give guests an added reason to return to the hotel and recommend it to their friends.

Our level of support extends from ad-hoc Spa Operational Support to Day-to-Day Operation of the Spa, depending on the terms of our agreement with the client (explained below). In each case, however, first-class management services are assured.

Spa Operational Support

ExclusivelySpa can provide on an ad-hoc basis the following:

  • Spa operational audits and reviews
  • Action plans for the development and/or improvement of the spa performance and standards
  • Assistance with budgeting and forward planning
  • Mystery guest program
  • On-going HR support for staff & management recruitment;
  • Training

Tailored business agreements

Depending on your needs and strategic goals, ExclusivelySpa offers different forms of cooperation, which can be tailored to suit your purposes, from standard management agreement or joint venture to management advisory services.

Wellness Retreat Organisation

We will assist in the creation of designated fitness areas that work as an integral part of the spa services to offer a complete wellness concept inclusive of additional services such as personal training, Yoga, fitness assessments, nutritional consultation and outdoor sports activities. We will then create wellness packages that are tailored made to each hotel depending on the facilities, the relevant services, the seasonality, the location etc. These wellness packages can be offered to tour operators, specialized wellness travel companies or to individual guests.

Management & Operation Services

Depending on the option selected, ExclusivelySpa can offer the following services with different degrees of involvement:

  • Directing and monitoring of the Spa Manager
  • Revenue management
  • Business planning
  • On-going review of operating procedures and policies
  • Quality control of operations and services to maintain high standards
  • On-going monitoring of guest satisfaction
  • On-going menu and treatment development to respond to customer expectations and industry trends
  • Defining financial goals and creating operational budgets with regular reviews
  • Budget control
  • Weekly and monthly management reports
  • Monthly meetings with the Hotel to review financial performance
  • Action plans and forward planning for the development and/or improvement of the spa
  • Marketing & PR planning and implementation
  • Leadership coaching and management skills building
  • Mystery guest programme
  • On-going HR management