Our Approach

Creating your Spa

Our Philosophy

a spa with a soul

Our philosophy centres around creating a spa with a soul, one that is inspired by its own unique environment. Identifying these unique elements is the keystone of our creative process.

Once that is achieved, our design methodology captures the look and feel of our clients’ vision, the essence of the physical location, history and culture, the market characteristics of the hotel and its guests, and the trends of the industry. This guarantees a financially and commercially viable spa concept and design.

Design is a major contributor to the customer experience and takes into account the choice of exterior materials, the transition to interior environments, the optimal use of colours and textures. An effective design is one that allows the customer to feel comfortable and relaxed in every corner of the spa. This is the starting point of a memorable, desirable and tranquil spa journey across spaces that evoke calm emotions and an almost spiritual state of being.

The Objectives

define, prioritise, achieve

As consultants and advisors, our first task is to help our clients define clear and achievable objectives and priorities. In a kick-off meeting with the client we will formulate our brief and set both the objectives and a corresponding timeline.

During the site visit we will study the architectural drawings, setting, images, location, property characteristics and background. We will also collect data to support our market analysis and business plan.

All the above will serve as the foundation for the optimum spa concept and interior design, but will at the same time help us calculate the realistic budget for the creation of a distinctive and unique spa that is profitable, viable and meets the set objectives.

Creating distinct spaces

evoke emotions

Distinct spaces, each with a specific purpose, pave the way for a transformational experience and a feeling of being carried away to another dimension.

The Reception is a calming, balancing, healing and relaxing zone of tranquility where the interiors represent growth, vitality, renewal and abundance to stimulate inner energy and promote positivity that is the foundation of a positive spa experience;

The Treatment Rooms offer a stress-relieving and soothing environment where the combination of elements makes the customer receptive to the healing and relaxing purposes of the treatments;

The Fitness Area employs colours and atmosphere to allow light to be generously reflected and air to circulate freely in order to initiate a motivational process that transforms thoughts into action, for a healthier body and mind;

The Beauty Area is designed with vision, clarity and insight to produce an environment that invites guests to enjoy a relaxing and uplifting experience.

As a whole, and alongside quality treatments and personalised service, such a design will set the tone for a memorable experience that guests will want to repeat, again and again.

Our Design & Realisation Services are equally effective whether you are creating a spa from ground up or renovating/upgrading an existing spa