Brand Development

Who needs a brand?

Branding can propel success and profitability in cases where more than one spa belong to the same owners or chains. Classic examples of clients who can greatly benefit from branding their spas are:

  • Existing hotel groups and group operators
  • Owners of one or more luxury hotels who aspire to expand and create a group
  • New projects with a vision to grow into a group

Definition and benefits of a brand

A brand is more than just an attractive logo, tagline or other associated imagery and graphics. It promotes the vision of the brand owner; it delivers a promise relating to the services; it stands for consistency, thereby shaping a reputation and achieving recognition. Above all, it implies uniqueness and is a reflection of the owner’s and consumers’ common values, personality and expectations. On a subliminal level, it establishes a bond between the owner, his business team, and their customers.

In a hotel group, each property may have its unique spa. The interior design may – and often should – vary according to the local setting and environment. However, defining a common core purpose and the core values of the services provided in all will deliver tangible benefits, especially over time.

Profitability of any hotel spa is another important factor, and a fundamental objective of brand creation. As a profit centre, branded spas benefit from economies of scale (products, consumables, equipment etc.), a common reporting structure to compare results and identify areas of improvements, and the collective pool of management resource, knowledge and skills.

In many ways branding a series of spas exemplifies Aristotle’s saying: ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

Brand creation by ExclusivelySpa

Given the great potential of a powerful spa brand, ExclusivelySpa goes to great lengths to understand the details and attributes that  owners or operators attach to their facilities. Thinking strategically, we then formulate a brand promise that is aligned with the overarching brand of the hotel group. It must be a true and genuine reflection of the group’s values, expressed in an attractive way that will influence and resonate positively in the market, while reinforcing the commitment of all key stakeholders – owners, operators, management and staff.

Rules, procedures, services, protocols, facilities, design standards and brief are necessary to support the brand, but not enough. ExclusivelySpa will help you implement them, maintain them, monitor them and develop them; because today’s sophisticated, demanding, competitive and technologically advanced market environment is unforgiving and allows no room for mistakes. This is where our training programmes can significantly contribute to the value of your brand, by upgrading customer service, achieving consistency, and facilitating the growth and development of your team members. In addition, our training structures, staff development schemes and reward schemes are designed to incentivise the team and bring out the best in each individual, for the benefit of the hotel and its guests alike.

Disappointed customers can have a destructive impact on the overall reputation of a hotel group. By the same token, a successful spa brand can be a reason for clients to choose either the same hotel, or another member of the group in a different destination.

Our accurate definition and professional, broad implementation of your spa’s brand is ultimately a powerful loyalty-building tool with long-term benefits.

Our brand development process

Looking at the practical steps of brand creation by ExclusivelySpa, below are the following deliverables:

  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Spa Overall Concept
  • Design Brief
  • Service Alignment Manual (To support the proper implementation of the brand)

For detailed description of the deliverables please contact us.