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New traditional healing products from Kurland

In 2017, too, Kurland brings even more traditional healing products in to modern spa treatments.

In almost all regions, the elder bush roots deep in traditional healing methods. Its products have anti-inflammatory, calming and balancing effects on the skin. Even more, elder products contain a relatively high percentage of flavonoids which have anti-oxidant effects that combat skin-aging.

The modular Kurland® products concept allows for a wide range of treatments with only a few basic ingredients. Kurland also structured the new elder products accordingly:

  • Dried elderflowers: for herbal infusion, tonic, exfoliation and body packs
  • Oil blend elderflowers: for aroma oil massage, masks, body packs and retail
  • Perfume oil elderflower: for masks, body packs and exfoliation as well as retail
  • Comfort Spa elder: for body packs and retail

Apart from the new Elderflower oil blend, we introduced the oil blends Ginger -Lemon and Bergamot. The blend of grape seed oil, almond oil and jojoba oil ensures excellent lubrication for massage treatments.

kurland productsIn the treatment portfolio, Kurland went even more Alpine. They now offer Pantai Luar® – Alpine finished stamps and the matching Pantai Luar® – Alpine Special Oil Blend. These two products make the Pantai Luar®-Alpine treatment a relaxing and harmonizing experience.

ExclusivelySpa is the official distributor of Kurland in Cyprus, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Norway and Sweden.