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5 Reasons Why you should use a Spa Consultant for your Projects

5 Reasons Why

When deciding whether to use a professional spa consultant for your current and future projects the focus should not be if you should use a spa consultant or not, but which professional spa consultant should you use. The costs of not correctly adhering to a structured plan and with the assistance of an industry expert in spa consultancy can be damaging, and not just in the financial sense. One of the key questions before beginning a spa project is to assess why you want to build a spa. You can deduce this to an array of reasoning, it could be to make money, to add value to an already existing business (i.e. hotels or apartment blocks), because it is your passion and many more. Nonetheless, no matter your rationale behind building a spa, it is always recommended to seek quality and experienced advice, assistance and consultancy to properly achieve your objectives of your spa project. So, what are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional spa consultant?

  1. Innovation & Improvement

    Although it is common to think that spas must tick similar boxes in relation to services provided, spa designs must deliver X, Y and Z for their customers and it is as simple as that. Does your spa offer a massage service? Does your spa offer exfoliation, saunas, baths and more? This focus is not only outdated but will prove your spa to be underwhelming and missing out on key opportunities for improvement that could relay in financial gain and more.

    While it is true to assess that your spa should have key facilities such as those listed above, with the guidance and expertise of a spa consultant you can begin to understand an innovative, progressive and generally improved side of spa facilities, not limited to basic services. You say that you offer a sauna experience, we say do you offer stone baths, a rustic sauna, brechelbaths and more? Basic pampering and ordinary treatments are long outdated and what a spa consultant can provide is the innovative assistance to implement an educated, experienced and holistic approach to health wellbeing. This, in turn, will establish your spa at the forefront of contemporary design, innovation and creativity, in line with spa consumer expectations.

  2. Experience & Data

    How can you justify the cost of using a spa consultant? Without mentioning how using a professional spa consultant can save you money, we can turn to utilise the experience of the industry expert and take a data-driven approach to your next spa project. When you think of spas, data is usually overlooked, it is the rough and tumble side of spa design, but it is a focal area that, if utilised correctly, can provide lucrative results.

    Despite your motive over building a spa, financial gain and sustainability must always be considered and planned for. When you take on a spa consultant who has experience in the financial side of spas, the analysis of key metrics, you can better optimise operational, design and service features, which help spa owners and businesses save money.

  3. Reduce Costs & Save Money

    As you project to build a spa, overhead costs will build up around you and can cause doubt, uncertainty and indecisiveness that will be reflected poorly in your spa’s outcome. Perhaps the costing of certain design and facilities is a bit overwhelming, causing you to take a different approach which will translate to an unstructured spa build or something that is a lot more mediocre than what could have been. Thus, the importance of a spa consultant to reduce operational, design and services costs is further justified.

    Time: Efficient time management in operation and design can save your project time, this excess time can then be better used elsewhere in the project. Using a spa industry expert for your projects can streamline the build process, saving you time, which, in turn, saves you money.

    Design: Spa consultants are experienced in the industry, they know where to go for what you need, where to research, what to research and, especially if your spa consultant utilising financial data, they can optimise the feasibility of your spa build

    Mistakes: Experienced spa professionals can prevent costly mistakes from happening, from their experience and expertise they can provide the right guidance to avoid costly mistakes. Moreover, if mistakes do occur, spa consultants have knowledge to confront and overcome the challenges presented.

  4. Communication

    Customer service and staff relationships, two core principles in the success of your spa. No matter how great the design and operational side of your spa is, if you do not meet a certain standard of customer-facing and in-house communication, then you will be at deficit. It is said that a spa experience is only as good as the customer’s experience.

    When you work with a spa consultant, you can be assisted on the right training, procedure and protocol when dealing with customers. Learn to establish and nurture guest relationships during and after a spa experience. Fostering a positive interaction between guests, staff and management can optimise time, enhance experience, and provide a loyal customer base for your spa. By setting a detailed communication plan, prior to the completion of your spa, you will pave the way for a successful spa environment.

  5. Vendor Relationships (The unseen benefits)

    Working with a professional spa consultant can point you in the right direction for all your needs. Not just limited to spa design and furniture but beyond. A spa consultant with years of experience and industry knowledge will have the right connections to help aid your spa project. From the right facilities to products and more, spa consultants can provide the full transparency in knowledge that you need for your business to be successful. From the smallest decisions to crucial ones, when building your spa, a consultant can and will always provide you with a best-fit solution, independent to you and your spa.

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