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5 Sauna Benefits – What are the Health Benefits of using a Sauna?


Saunas are a fundamental facility in every spa and the necessity of every spa business to utilise. There are a variety of reasons for people to use spas, from health to social motivations, saunas are a go-to facility and enjoyed by the masses. Although saunas are traditionally known in commercial establishments, there has been a…

5 Benefits of Floating using a Float Spa? – The Wellness Facility you need

Float Spa

Float spa, also known as floating, a sensory deprivation tank, an isolation tank or a floatation tank has many mental and physical benefits. Although the first float tank was designed in 1954, this form of wellness has recently become popular as spa innovators install these floating pods around the world. Across the 1970s, 80s and…

5 Reasons Why you should use a Spa Consultant for your Projects

5 Reasons Why

When deciding whether to use a professional spa consultant for your current and future projects the focus should not be if you should use a spa consultant or not, but which professional spa consultant should you use. The costs of not correctly adhering to a structured plan and with the assistance of an industry expert…