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5 Sauna Benefits – What are the Health Benefits of using a Sauna?


Saunas are a fundamental facility in every spa and the necessity of every spa business to utilise. There are a variety of reasons for people to use spas, from health to social motivations, saunas are a go-to facility and enjoyed by the masses. Although saunas are traditionally known in commercial establishments, there has been a rise in residential sauna installation, due to the popularity and benefits that saunas offer. So, we beg the question, what is it about sauna’s that attract so many people? What are the benefits of using a sauna?


  1. General Health & WellnessHumans generally experience stress in their everyday lives, whether it is work-induced, family life or other, stress is, mostly, unavoidable. While we accept the fact that we will become stressed, worn-out, experience feelings of burnout and more, we tend not to treat our bodies with the care, easing and wellness that it needs. With a good sauna experience, your body can feel relieved from these unavoidable feelings. The heat from a sauna tends to relax muscles, release endorphins and provide that natural ‘feel-good’ feeling. Shut the world out and ease tensions with an unforgettable sauna experience.
  2. Physical RecoveryIt is no secret that saunas provide great relief and aid in the physical recovery from muscular aches and pains. Sauna recovery is a common process for many athletes across the world and some have even used them to aid in their fitness and training. One of the many benefits of a sauna is the effects it has on the body from the heat. As your body temperature rises, your blood vessels dilate which, in turn, increases blood circulation. This increased blood flow speeds up recovery processes and aids to natural healing of the body. This process also soothes aches and pains.
  3. Toxins & IllnessSweat is common to everyone, however, when using a sauna, the body experiences a deep sweat process which clears toxins and can help soothe and recover your body from illnesses. With a deep sweat, your body tends to reduce levels of copper, zinc, lead, mercury and other toxins that are commonly absorbed from our environments. Sauna detoxification is a common practice and many studies highlight the success of the health benefits that saunas provide.

    Moreover, the benefits of a sauna also extend to helping fight and avoid illnesses. The heat of a sauna and the steam released increases the bodies white blood cells, providing more support in the fight of your illness or increasing your defence against potential illnesses.

  4. Stress & SleepOne of the most common benefits of using a sauna is that they are known to reduce stress levels and aid to better sleep for individuals. When we are stressed, we released a hormone called cortisol, if this level is too high, it can lead to many health complications. One of the benefits of using a sauna is that it regulates the level of cortisol in our blood and it also stimulates the production of serotonin, commonly known as, the ‘happy hormone’. Additionally, due to the release of endorphins and the rise of body temperature experienced when using a sauna, these levels decline at night, which is key in facilitating a healthy deep sleep.
  5. Weight-lossAlthough the benefits of saunas do not usually focus on weight-loss, there are factors and studies that highlight how actively using saunas can help with burning calories and losing weight. Generally, the process of sweating aids to burning calories, therefore, in a sauna experience, this is amplified greatly. Some studies suggest that, in one single sauna session, it is possible to burn up to 300 calories. The body burns calories due to the acceleration of heat; the body demands more oxygen and will then convert more calories into usable energy.


These five benefits of using a sauna covered are by no means limited, there are many other benefits that individuals experience and some of which are unique to the person. Saunas are a must-have for all commercial spas and the popularity for residential applications has risen drastically due to the many benefits that they offer. When it comes to using a sauna there are now many options, a variety of sauna types, each with their unique and individual benefits. This article discusses the generic benefits that saunas have but we’d recommend checking out some more unique ones. From rustic saunas, Brechelbaths, stonebaths and more. You can check out more about the types of saunas at https://shopexclusivelyspa.com/pages/sauna-experiences.