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5 Benefits of Floating using a Float Spa? – The Wellness Facility you need

Float Spa

Float spa, also known as floating, a sensory deprivation tank, an isolation tank or a floatation tank has many mental and physical benefits. Although the first float tank was designed in 1954, this form of wellness has recently become popular as spa innovators install these floating pods around the world. Across the 1970s, 80s and 90s float spas were scrutinised and tested for their benefits and closely examined to see the effects on people. In more recent times, sensory deprivation tanks are most commonly used for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) and the health benefits are in numbers.

What is in a Floatation Tank?

Floatation tanks, or float spas if you prefer, are dark, soundproof pods, that contains saltwater up to a foot high. Many of the benefits received from floating stem from the use of temperature-regulated saltwater. Typically, humans lack magnesium sulphate in their bodies, a chemical compound found in the natural substance, salt, which contains many benefits from calmness to speeding recovery and natural healing.

The floatation effect of the tank comes from the temperature regulated water, matching your body temperature and the salt to aid floating and healing, providing an effect that you are, essentially, ‘floating’. When you combine this with the peaceful serenity endured in the pod, you can almost feel the benefits from just thinking about it.

What are the Benefits of Floating?

Using a floatation tank, commonly used as the verb ‘to float’ your mental and physical wellbeing is greatly improved across many areas.

  1. Relaxation Benefits:The calmness of the pod combined with the feeling of floating and the soundproof nature, creates a relaxing atmosphere, a feeling that aids in reducing stress and even found to lower cortisol levels. Additionally, due to the composition of the water, infused with salt for magnesium sulphate, this helps to calm your nervous system and enhances your body’s natural ability to heal. Studies have also found that due to the inherent calming sensations you get from floating; it can aid those who suffer from anxiety. A 2018 study showed results that a single one-hour floating session in an isolation tank is more than capable of significantly reducing anxiety levels, improving your mood and removing feelings of irritability, helping those with sleeping difficulties and fatigue.
  2. Athletic Benefits:Float spas have a myriad of physical benefits that are suited towards athletes or those who succumb to muscular and/or joint pain. Due to the feeling of floating, the anti-gravity sensation, people who endure muscle pains or joint problems are filled with a relief sensation of a ‘weight being lifted’. The floating effect takes the weight off of your injured areas and helps relax your now ‘weightless’ muscles and joints, aiding to recovery.

    Moreover, due to the recovery benefits for athletes, it provides an avenue for professionals to train harder and push their performance to its limits, because a float spa can provide a quicker recovery between intense workouts. Work your body harder and faster and rely on a float spa to help your recovery process in between. Although, we would advise you to seek advice from your health experts before engaging in pre-floating strenuous activities.

  3. The Happy EffectFloating provides a sense of happiness and can aid in the recovery of depression over the long-term. Sensory deprivation tanks stimulate blood flow which releases endorphins and, in turn, reduces pain and triggers positive feelings. The endorphins released during floating has subtle benefits for depression as the endorphins released are a long-term effect of floating.

    The blood flow benefits also extend to helping those with migraines. Because floating increases blood flow and removes restriction, migraines that are induced by restricted blood flow are therefore relieved. Blood flow restriction is a common cause of migraines; therefore, floating can significantly help this.

  4. PregnancyWhen pregnant, float spas can provide an unmatched sense of connection, wellness and relief. By floating, you are essentially relieving pressure on your feet and back, therefore the pod offers an escape of your additional carried weight of the baby, causes much-needed relaxation, stress and pain relief. Moreover, floating has also been seen to create a symbiotic sense of connection, from mother to baby, due to the similarities of floating and being in the womb. Although there are evident benefits of floating when pregnant, we advise you to seek recommendation from your doctor before floating.
  5. Additional BenefitsSome additional benefits of floating are helping with insomnia, sleep paralysis, digestion, arthritis, autism, muscle strains, addition problems and fibromyalgia. Isolation tanks have an array of benefits and it depends on the individual of how they would experience them. Although floating is not a direct cure for problems, it can help you manage them and improve conditions.


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*This article is purely to promote the benefits of float spas and not to constitute as legal medical advice. If you have any medical concerns or conditions, we advise you to seek medical advice from a doctor.