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Christmas in the Spa: Turn Holiday Cheer into Turnover

By Christina Alissandraki, Partner ExclsuivelySpa


While Christmas and End of Year celebrations are known for creating a shopping spree, turnover in the spas often increases just marginally.  We often take for granted that guests will visit the spa, at least once, for that last minute glow treatment and rarely take an effort to create a buzz that will result in substantial retail sales increase and repeat visits.

Winter resorts’ spas rely on increased penetration of hotel guests but that is true up to a point. In ski resorts, for instance, guests will leave early morning and often return exhausted at late afternoon just in time to change for dinner. At the same time, in city spas, people rush after work to buy gifts and organize parties which leaves little time for anything else.

Christmas in the SpaSo, how can we ensure that the Spa becomes the place to be during the Festive season? We gathered here some tips based on the latest trends that may help you achieve festive sales!

  • Make the most of the Spa-socializing trend

    Nowadays, guests want to visit the spa together and spend time in it with friends, as couples or family. The limit between the spa and a nice café/bistro or bar is becoming blurred and this is the perfect time to take advantage of it. Turn your spa lounges into real gathering cozy places. Extend your offer to include special coffees, made to order smoothies, sparkling wine, light cocktails and gourmet finger food – all at a price, of course. Promote after shopping spa parties for girlfriends, add live music and at the same time ensure that your retail proposals are not only visible in this space but actually inviting for your guests to discover them.

  • Maximize retail options targeted to gift–giving

    Don’t just put some products in a pouch. Plan months ahead by looking at special packaging options or order in time the gift sets of your brands. Increase your range by adding some items only for a Limited Time such as candles or perfumes. Hire a professional decorator to deck your window, your reception and retail area focusing on showcasing your gift options.

  • Start a Christmas count down

    Launch a two month pampering plan for your guests in October so that they look their best in Christmas and design a package around it. Include slimming treatments, exfoliating & nourishing treatments, brow tattoos and others that lead to that final Glow treatment that must include manicure & pedicure. Make sure that this can be offered also as a gift voucher.

  • Night events

    Open the spa in late hours, especially if it is in a ski resort. Create a special event that draws the guest to visit the spa after dinner.

  • Exploit department store tactics for last-minute selling

    Stock a cash-point at your reception (it can be a basket or a beautiful leather tray) with one item, fit for all, at a good price. Ex. a body milk, a body scrub or a hand cream. Ensure there is a beautiful A4 visual behind it, positioning it as the perfect gift.

If it all works out, this is the time that new customers will visit your spa, either as travelers or as friends of existing customers. Ensure you have a loyalty scheme in place and follow up after holidays with an attractive offer so that they become regulars.


Have a Happy Christmas!