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Q&A with Chris Anastassiou during the 100% Hotel Show

Q&A with Chris Anastassiou, Founder and Managing Director of ExclusivelySpa, during the 100% Hotel Show in Athens, 17-20 November


What brings ExclusivelySpa, a specialized spa and wellness consulting and management company, to a tourism fair?

The answer is simple: ‘wellness tourism’ – a market which, according to various travel reports, is expected to grow much faster than the overall tourism industry of the next five years. Whether we are talking about primary wellness tourists – those who travel specifically for wellness purposes – or secondary wellness tourists – who include spa and wellness-related activities in their holiday schedule, both are a growing market segment worth keeping an eye on. It is also worth noting that wellness tourists tend to spend more than the average tourists. So, today more than ever before, hotels and spas go – or should go – hand in glove.

Our participation in the 100% Hotel Show is one of many ways that ExclusivelySpa is responding to the significant industry changes we expect in 2018 and beyond, as consumer interest in a life of wellness triggers a surge in new trends, spa business models and technologies.


Do you have a particular interest in the 100% Hotel Show in Athens, or is it just one of many tourism shows you attend?

While we do participate in other trade fairs in the wider region, our participation in the 100% Hotel Show in Athens is vital, given the steady development of our operations in Greece. Our presence in Greece is growing broader as well as deeper. We have recently created a base in Athens, and have welcomed Christina Alissandraki as Partner for Marketing, Business Development & Consulting based in Greece. Christina is a corporate expert in luxury products & services, and will be supported by a local team.

Greece is also important to us because the hotel industry is evolving here. We’re seeing more hotel renovations and rising standards. The industry is being led by young hoteliers on the one hand, and major hotel investors on the. We want to be a part of this major effort to develop a leading hotel industry in Greece by contributing to the wellness component of the hotel product. Our mission is to deliver a memorable spa experience that will give guests a reason to come back year after year and at the same time create an important source of revenue and profit for the hotel.


Do you focus on a particular category of hotels, ie only resort hotels?

Our focus has always been the luxury hotel sector – whether in city centres or in resorts. Our philosophy is that no two spas are the same, and therefore services are always tailored to the location, the environment, the market, the clientele, and of course the budget. This individualized approach is the foundation of our service. The value of what we offer is in the detail, and these details are what make our spas successful – wherever they are.

We are delighted to have a growing number of clients in Greece, and are proud of the results of our collaborations – such as the Blue Palace Elounda Spa in Crete, and the Canaves Oia in Santorini, which was recognized as the Continent Winner in the category of ‘Best Luxury Boutique Spa 2017’.


What would you say to hoteliers who are not yet convinced of the benefits of having an in-house spa?

We let our work speak for itself; and we are therefore very grateful for the official endorsements that were featured in our Stand at the 100% Hotel Show, from key clients who shared their appreciation of ExclusivelySpa’s performance and our ability to deliver extraordinary concept spas that drive profitability. In addition to Canaves Oia and Blue Palace, the Metropol Palace in Belgrade and Myrianthousa Spa in Cyprus have also shared extremely positive testimonials.

Apart from that, I would emphasize that a luxury spa is a lifestyle trend and a must for every luxury hotel and resort. It attracts discerning travellers and improves guest satisfaction. And with the spa market in Europe predicted to grow at a CAGR of close to 9%, a hotel spa can generate significant revenue. It would therefore be a shame not to tap into this growing market.

Our team at ExclusivelySpa is perfectly equipped to help hoteliers take advantage of the profit-generating opportunities of a professionally designed and managed in-house spa and bring wellness in all aspects of the hotel experience. Whether a hotel already has a spa that is not performing as it should, or would like to create one from scratch, we’re here to help hoteliers make their spa a pillar of their hotel’s brand.


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